Ultimate Gift Card

Imagine having your own Gift Card

 We all know gift cards and chances are at some point (probably right now) there are a few in your wallet and/or desk drawer.

 There are some standard characteristics of the gift card that is commonly available in today’s consumer market

  • Single usage or re-loadable
  • Brands the company whose value is on the card
  • Highly popular gift

But ask yourself, can a standard gift card do this?

  • act as a business card with value on it (example. $5 towards coffee or parking)
  • act as a loyalty/rewards/referral program (example. reloaded every time a client gives you a referral)
  • allow for multiple merchants to participate in a value added incentive (example. Load your gift card for $50 and we’ll top up the value on your gift card to $100 – to spend at these select merchants)
  • Raise donations for fund-raising (example. Purchase this card for $10. It has over $100 in value on it.  100% of proceeds goes towards -x- charity)
  • Be an entrance to an event or a membership card (example. Every time you swipe your card it will be instantly loaded with $5 to use at -x- restaurant)

If your answer was no to any of these examples and you’re thinking to yourself I wish I had a card like that. Wish no more

 Ultimate Gift Card is an amazing way to promote, reward and brand your company, participate in joint marketing initiatives and receive pre-paid cash!

 Ask us how by emailing me at chenrick@telus.net

 Check out all of the businesses already participating at www.ugcard.com


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