Honey and the Money (Formerly Madisen) – A band worth checking out

30 11 2007

Honey and the Money

Last night I was lucky enough to attend Honey and the Money’s CD release party at the Media Club on Cambie, in Vancouver. Their lyrics are filled with emotion and their music catches your attention. This is a band that gives you shivers up your spine and at times will bring a tear to your eye.  

I urge everyone to check out their website www.honeyandthemoney.com and listen to the teasers from their new album, The Elephant in the Room. You’ll be hooked just like I was the first time I heard them.  Enjoy your listening – and maybe buy a couple of CD’s for Christmas stocking stuffers.  You can do it right from their website.


“Greening Your Business” FREE seminar at Small Business BC

27 11 2007

If you own a small business in Vancouver, you have probably been to the Small Business BC (www.smallbusinessbc.ca) to ensure your business name isn’t already taken. And, if you haven’t – you should. They have all incorporated businesses listed on microfiche.  They also have a great business library, staff that can answer your questions and process your registration forms.

They also host seminars. This course will explain terms like corporate environmental responsibility, lean and green operations and carbon neutral business. It will also explain why greening your business is important to care for your clients/customers and the environment.  

Hosted by Maureen Cureton, Energy Manager 

Wednesday, December 512-2pm

Cost: Free

Registration is essential. You can do this at 604 775 5477