Shopping for Holiday Gift Baskets – think outside the box

9 12 2007



I have become bored with the standard issue holiday gift baskets – basket with cheese, crackers, spreads, pickled asparagus (or similar), paper shredding of some sort, cellophane wrapping, large bow. You get the gist.


When I was asked me to look after sourcing and creating gift baskets for a client, I thought I’d look for an alternative way.


Have a theme: stay cozy this winter, lighten up (with candles), sharing (for offices), charitable


Have a budget: I always set the maximum and then over project my costs so that there is a little left over for the pocket book


Wrapping: Think about what people could actually use – be creative.  Fabric, a tea towel, a pillow case, laundry bag, a canvas bag

The Basket: Forget it! Plates, trays, bowls, a reusable box that has been decorated, vases, mugs, tea pots, planters

Items of value: Look towards greener promotional products (everyone has too many pens and key chains).


·         FairWare Promotional Products ( I found some great hand held, no battery flashlights that could be logoed (turnaround approximately 7 business days)


·         Ten Thousand Villages ( where you can purchase fair traded gifts – home décor items, baskets, bowls, fabrics, books, hot chocolates, teas, coffees.


o   They are also great for charitable holiday gift giving. Livestock, educational packages, clean water. They also give a great holiday card with an ornament attached with every donation


·         Think Local – there are great, locally owned shops everywhere you go. I sourced most of my items through them and was given great savings because I was ordering larger numbers. All it takes is a phone call to learn what they can offer you


·         Greeting Card – Use your greeting card as a gift tag and a gift in itself. Or, forget the greeting card all together.


o   Ask me about the Ultimate Gift Card that will surely increase the smiles on everyone this year.


 Happy Holiday Shopping




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