Unconventional Corporate Gifts

22 11 2007

Gift cards from Starbucks and chain restaurants have been used and overused. And why not, it’s easy, it’s convenient and recipients know exactly what to expect with them. And, because of this, recipients have probably already received something similar.

I found an interesting website the other night – www.globalgiving.com.  You can purchase Global Giving gift cards for any denomination (minimum $10) and the recipient chooses what partner charity the money is donated to. It can be done through email where the gift giver can design the gift certificate.  And according to CSRwire http://www.csrwire.com/News/10127.html they have biodegradable gift cards (I couldn’t find information on this at the website).

If you are a retailer, there is an option to sell them at your place of business. I believe the company is American, so there may be some restrictions for us in Canada, but I am still going to get into contact with them.




One response

23 11 2007

Hi there – thanks for the mention of our gift cards.
They are available now offline (for companies, bulk orders), and will be available online about 11/29.
Donna @

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