Honey and the Money (Formerly Madisen) – A band worth checking out

30 11 2007

Honey and the Money

Last night I was lucky enough to attend Honey and the Money’s CD release party at the Media Club on Cambie, in Vancouver. Their lyrics are filled with emotion and their music catches your attention. This is a band that gives you shivers up your spine and at times will bring a tear to your eye.  

I urge everyone to check out their website www.honeyandthemoney.com and listen to the teasers from their new album, The Elephant in the Room. You’ll be hooked just like I was the first time I heard them.  Enjoy your listening – and maybe buy a couple of CD’s for Christmas stocking stuffers.  You can do it right from their website.


“Greening Your Business” FREE seminar at Small Business BC

27 11 2007

If you own a small business in Vancouver, you have probably been to the Small Business BC (www.smallbusinessbc.ca) to ensure your business name isn’t already taken. And, if you haven’t – you should. They have all incorporated businesses listed on microfiche.  They also have a great business library, staff that can answer your questions and process your registration forms.

They also host seminars. This course will explain terms like corporate environmental responsibility, lean and green operations and carbon neutral business. It will also explain why greening your business is important to care for your clients/customers and the environment.  

Hosted by Maureen Cureton, Energy Manager 

Wednesday, December 512-2pm

Cost: Free

Registration is essential. You can do this at 604 775 5477

Reusuable Canvas Bags Make for GREAT holiday wrapping

24 11 2007

It’s Black Friday in America. That just means  one month until Christmas to me, here in Vancouver.

I was reading an article in GRANVILLE Sustainable City Living Magazine by Emily Murgatroyd www.greenprintevents.wordpress.com.   The topic:  Minimizing waste during the holiday season.  

Right away I thought of a great company that is based here in Vancouver that could help. They are always at the Portobello West market (last Sunday of every month) – www.portobellowest.com. 


The company is called Bring Your Own Bag (BYOB) and they sell re-usable cloth bags in larger sizes, perfect!  Wouldn’t you love to get a gift bag that’s reusable, trendy and helps the environment? www.bringyouronwbag.ca


Aveda also sells reusable bags which are great for smaller parcels (just make sure you say “No” to the plastic bag they may offer you when you leave the store.)  www.aveda.com


Unconventional Corporate Gifts

22 11 2007

Gift cards from Starbucks and chain restaurants have been used and overused. And why not, it’s easy, it’s convenient and recipients know exactly what to expect with them. And, because of this, recipients have probably already received something similar.

I found an interesting website the other night – www.globalgiving.com.  You can purchase Global Giving gift cards for any denomination (minimum $10) and the recipient chooses what partner charity the money is donated to. It can be done through email where the gift giver can design the gift certificate.  And according to CSRwire http://www.csrwire.com/News/10127.html they have biodegradable gift cards (I couldn’t find information on this at the website).

If you are a retailer, there is an option to sell them at your place of business. I believe the company is American, so there may be some restrictions for us in Canada, but I am still going to get into contact with them.

How to plan a successful client appreciation event for the holidays

20 11 2007

You may be thinking, it could be a little late in the year to start with an event, but really it isn’t. If you’re here living on the west coast of Canada, people don’t typically make their plans until, at most, a week prior to an activity. 

Make it simple 

Invite guests –Create a stunning postcard invitation and mail it to your guests. Take the time to follow it up with a phone call.  Running with the same theme, post these postcards at your business (washrooms, retail shelving, and point of sale) and have staff give them to customers.  

Have a reason to come –a special speaker, great wine, special promotions, door prizes, charity support. 

Have a ballot box and collect email addresses. Invite these guests back for next year’s event. 

Inspire your staff –have games and contests for invitations given out and sales of the day. Make sure to feed your staff before the event (especially if its on a night after work). Give them a list of their responsibilities (ie. Knowing the special promotions, what their role is for the event) the day before so they can prepare.  

Forget the caterer – host a wine and cheese afternoon. You can easily (and affordably) put a few cheese and cracker platters together or go to http://www.capersmarkets.com/ and order pre-made cheese trays.  

Source out local wineries and ask if they conduct on-site tastings for private gatherings. I just hosted a great event and used a local Langley winery – The Fort Wine Co.  They even provided plastic tasting glasses. Spend your advertising dollars on giving your guests something special.  It is the holidays so a little grab bag will be appreciated.